Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion: Vegan Haircare

What shampoos do you use?

I love Pureology. Its completely vegan, not tested on animals, smells amazing and makes my hair feel great. Its a little bit pricey (roughly $20 a bottle), but I like to treat my hair to that luxury. Plus it lasts a long time, a little goes a long way. I use the purple bottles of shamp & cond *for color treated hair* (for extra moisture, my hair gets dry in this Texas heat) and also have tried and loved their Nanoworks shamp & cond- which are $50 for a bottle of each (but they do have travel sizes). It did a great job with the extra conditioning and repair that it promised. Its a nice occasional treat.

I've also tried using the Kevin Murphy hair care products and like them too, all the shampoos and conditioners are vegan, but not all the styling products are. Kevin Murphy is also the Murphy half of Kusco Murphy, another line that I use a couple products from. I love glossing some Lavender cream, or Beach hair through my clean wet hair to avoid it drying frizzy.

If you're not looking to spend as much on your shampoo, Dr. Bronner's has a great all-in-one body, hair, and hand soap that is vegan, biodegradable and USDA organic found at just about every health food store. They also have a new haircare specialized product that I haven't tried yet. Looks interesting. I have used the classic peppermint Dr. Bronners, and it tingles on my scalp which I like.

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