Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fashion: Vegan Makeup

Urban Decay lipstick in "Revolution"
ZUZU luxe lip liner in "Cherry"
Urban Decay brow color, brush and hold combo pencil in "Brilliant Blonde" (though I didn't fill in my eye brows above)
Beauty without Cruelty Liquid Eye liner in "Jet Black"
Animal-hair free vegan make-up brushes by Sephora and Bourjois
Eyelash Curler by Tarte.
MYKA mineral make-up Face Powders in "Ivory" and "Cashmere"(doubles as concealer or tinted moisturizer- just add favorite face lotion, more powder for concealer, 50-50 for tinted m.)
MYKA mineral make-up eye color in "24K Gold" "Diamond Cluster" "Tawny" & "Blue Hilite" (doubles as lip color, just add lip gloss/chapstick base)

I love MYKA especially b/c its local, organic, and handmade. The lady who created/makes this product is awesome, and so is her makeup. Not all of her lotions and scrubs are vegan, but some of those are too. If you don't live in Austin you can order off her website. If I ever move I probably will b/c I love how light her make up feels, and its completely fragrance and additive-free. I tend to stick to the neutrals but she also has a large selection of very bright, vibrant shades too.

Also Whole Foods and most health food stores carry vegan make-up lines.