Friday, September 25, 2009

Shopping: Vegan Shopping List

What are the vegan basics that are on your shopping list whenever you go to the grocery store, or always in your pantry?

-large bag of brown rice
-whole wheat pasta (though I can eat regular pasta too, as long as there is no egg)
-canned black beans (if we're lazy)
-tomato paste
-jarred tomato sauce (make sure it doesn't have Parmesan in it)
-organic vanilla soy milk
-extra virgin olive oil
-balsamic vinegar
-Siracha hot sauce
-Yellow Tail red wines (many wines are not vegan due to the filtration process- through gelatin or eggs whites and egg shells)
-french fries and tater tots (make sure they aren't cheese flavored, many "seasoned" fries are also vegan, but check to make sure the seasonings don't have meat or dairy)
-frozen broccoli
-dried parsley
-pine nuts (for pesto, store in the freezer)
-fair-trade, shade grown, organic coffee
-Julie's frozen fruit bars (blackberry)
-Vegan Frozen Boca burgers (if you get veggie burgers make sure there is no egg or cheese in them, about half are vegan, but the other half are not)
-Bag of Potatoes
-cheerios or health cereal (usually grape nuts)
-Mrs May's vegan snack bars, or nut and seed squares
-tub of mixed nuts
-tortilla chips
-corn tortillas
-large salt crystals for our salt mill
-peppercorns for our pepper mill

    -dry black beans (if my husband's feeling ambitious enough to cook our own beans from scratch) -bragg's liquid aminos (for aminos)
    -nutritional yeast (for B12)
    -flax seed oil (though expensive, one bottle will last a very long time... for Omegas)
    -earth balance vegan butter
    -Soyrizo (vegan chorizo)
    -Uncle Eddie's Vegan cookies! (I love the walnut chocolate chip cookies the best)
    -So Delicious Ice Cream pint
    -Vegan Coffee Creamer
    -Egg Beaters Egg Replacer (vegan powder substitute for eggs when baking. just add water. one box lasts forever).
    -Vegan Cheese (Follow Your Heart, vegan gourmet brand, is the only brand that I've found melts and tastes good. note: NOT ALL "soy cheeses" are Vegan! many are just lactose free, but still contain milk fats. deceiving, isn't it.)

      -all fresh fruits and veggies (we use a lot of tomatoes. but all fruits and veggies are vegan, which is so easy! so many options, and yes coconut milk is vegan, its from coconuts :))
      -jalapenos (we tried growing our own but only got one batch out of our plants. better luck next year)
      -onions (though depending on money, most times we'll buy a bag of onions at costco because we cook them every meal, and so a big bag won't go bad)
      -basil (for pesto), and other fresh herbs

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