Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recipes: Bean Stuffed Chilies

-washed and hollowed out chiles
-stuffed with raw garlic, black beans, & follow your heart mozzarella cheese
(also great to stuff with sauteed onions, rice, quinoa, tomatoes, soy rizo, and mashed potatoes)
-baked on a tray at 350 for 30 minutes (after vcheesev started to melt)
-served with green enchilada sauce poured over them (also good with salsa or vegan sour cream)
-side salad: lettuce, cucumber, green bell peppers
-dressing: mustard, balsamic vinegar, & flax seed oil whipped together until smooth

-left over cupcakes from pumpkin party for desert! The left-over broken marzipan bats turned into mustaches. mustache cupcakes!

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  1. I totally made this for myself the other night!! SO YUMMY!!!! YEAH!