Thursday, November 5, 2009

Philosophy: "But Animals Aren't as Important as People..." RANT.

I really don't understand why people don't feel the same way about dead and/or abused human babies v. dead and/or abused animals. Why not? They are both innocent, pain-feeling beings. Only the babies consume and accumulate SO MUCH more environmentally damaging waste (diapers, out grown clothes if they're bought new, bottles, toys, pacifiers, water, energy etc...), and grow up to harm the planet further and threaten everyone's life with over-population as our numbers continue to exponentially reach a critical number to sustain ANYone's life. Also most likely they'll grow up to be just another hateful, harmful, cruel person like so many humans turn out to be whether they know it or not, whether they accept it or not. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, they are amazing and breath-taking, inspiring and should be listened to more than most people give them credit for.

But along those lines, why not also love and appreciate our animal brothers and sisters? If we can love babies who continue to harm our planet, why can't we love our truly innocent wild and domesticated neighbors? And I'm not talking about the frat boys next door. Animals live amongst the land, don't negatively impact the planet with pollution and toxins, bio-hazardous and further radioactive wastes, and unnecessary cruelty and meanness to their families, friends, & acquaintances because they 'feel like it' or because they're having a 'bad day' or face it, because they're selfish little shits like most people and just don't care. Why do people think they are so much "better" or "smarter" than animals, when its the humans who are so stupid as to disregard all life around them, and the dying planet that we continue to inflict harm upon. If we all want to live so bad, why do we keep smoking cigarettes (in cars and at home with our kids!), and turn a blind eye to all the small things we could do to make less of a global impact. I know animals use aggression to dominate territory, and such but its not an emotionally charged way to make others just feel bad about themselves, like people do- ALL the TIME. This point right here, might even make people feel bad, but sometimes you have to speak the human language to get the message across it seems.

Humans are so selfish! Sometimes I wish I just lived in the bottom of the sea, or no because of all the water pollution-- better... Sometimes I wish I was just a volcano out in the ocean, building new, isolated islands for no humans- only animals to live on and respect their ecosystems as they innately know how to do, and live harmoniously within their circle of life and not be a dip shit like all these effing douche bag people. Animals are so much more innocent than human babies, but for some reason that doesn't equate to most people. Every time I see a slab of meat, or an animal being mistreated or teased or made fun of their pain- think of your own damn baby, being eaten, and beaten, teased till they cry while you sit and laugh at their pain or ignore or worse- eat them. If you don't have a baby, think of your future children, a child you babysat, your nieces, nephews, friends kids, or heck, just a random baby. And those images that you think are gruesome, and horrible and unnecessary, the images that make you mad and upset, that's what I go through all the time. Why doesn't any one else seem to care? I really don't understand.

You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals. Who do you what to be?

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  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Hi Ty:
    You will be happy to know that your little nephew Ravel only uses cloth diapers, and now that his nursing mama is vegan he is a very environmentally correct, animal rights friendly bebe.
    Love you and love your blog.