Thursday, November 19, 2009

Philosophy: Instead of buying a corpse this year...

...Save a life! No time like the present to start a new tradition of love and compassion for this year of giving thanks.

"But Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without the flesh of a Turkey to murder and consume," or so you say... Did you know that the tradition of carving a Thanksgiving Turkey is a fairly new 20th century marketing ploy, funded and encouraged by the Poultry Industry? There is in fact no evidence of the Pilgrims and Native Americans consuming Turkey at all.

Along with the mass murder, and celebratory consumption of innocent turkey corpses, I would like to acknowledge not just the animal lives lost on this American holiday, but to also remember and bring awareness to the human lives lost when the Pilgrims came to the Americas with blankets infested with Small Pox, and the violence and massacres that went on all to steal land from those who rightly were living here before us. **For more information, please take the time to read The People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn (most of which can be read online in that link).

A moment of silence and respect, for the people before us, who lost their lives in the building of what we now know as The Untied States, what we now know as "home" and take for granted as being rightfully ours. Remember those before us, to bring forth awareness, and erase the cultural amnesia that this country continues to promote by continually urging us, the people, to forget its violent beginnings. Be aware, and be thankful not just on this one holiday in November, but year-round. History only has the potential to repeat itself when we don't take the time to learn from our mistakes.

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