Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love & Life: BIG NEWS in my life!

Today, my husband announced to me, that he is going to GO VEGAN! He has been vegetarian for the last five years, and though he mostly is vegan (I do the majority of our cooking- all of which is vegan) he is going to officially cut out the occasional breakfast eggs, and cheese on his tacos/burritos. I AM SO HAPPY! And I suppose my non-aggressive, patient approach of willing him over to the cruelty-free vegan club has worked its magic, without any repressed resentment that could have happened if I constantly nagged or guilt tripped him. This decision was made by his own, autonomous, educated choice. He told me that its not really going to change his diet very much, and lately after he has been eating eggs or cheese he felt like his allergies were much worse, and his overall energy levels felt groggy. I think it also helps that all the manly men in his office have recently gone completely raw, vegan and are LOVING it. HOORAY! SO HAPPY!!!! I LOVE YOU BABY! These choices have a greater impact beyond our own health, but for the well-being of animals, and our planet. REJOICE!!!!

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