Sunday, February 21, 2010

Travel: Eating out in Florida

Though Vegetarian Restaurants in St. Pete are scarce, perhaps some do exist... did we go to them? No! Haha, it was a week to spend time with our realatives, and what the grandparents wanted was to eat at their Country Club and other American Restaurants, which was what we did. It was great to spend time together and believably or not, we did find something we could eat (though all times OFF of the menu).

We did end up having to eat a lot of french fries, and salad... but My favorite, was the sour dough Vegan Panini's that were prepared for us in Spinner's (a top story, rotating, circular restaurant with 360 degrees of beautiful beachy views). Perhaps because they also had a mixed drink on their menu called the, "Zombie" (our dog's name). Naturally I had to order one (it too was vegan).

The important thing, is when there is nothing on the menu but fish, poltry, and meat, ASK the servers if they can accommodate your restrictions ( I always say, "Severe Dairy Allergies, no meat, fish, eggs, milk, or butter" because sometimes you say you're vegan in these places and they offer you Shrimp).

It also helped that we stayed with relatives in their house, with a full kitchen. And boy did they put us to work! Even though we were the ones cooking dinner for everyone every night (taco salads, enchiladas-1/2 that were vegan we made, quinoa salad-we put our aunt to work to give us some help! that night were were cooking for eight, BBQ veggies with vegan sausage, vegan chocolate mousse, and primavera spaghetti...), we were just thankful to have full bellies, with more nutrition than fried potatoes. Having access to a kitchen definitely helps when you're vegan, no matter where you are.

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