Monday, February 22, 2010

Travel: New Orleans Dinner

The one night that we took our hosts out to eat somewhere special was so tasty I forgot to take photos of all our dishes before devouring them. We ate at an Indian Restaurant by our friend's house (that they hadn't tried yet) called, Taj Mahal.

What was great about this place, was that printed on the menu it said (pictured below that you probably cant read haha), "Items with *are vegan friendly upon request" AWESOME! I love it when restaurants know what vegan means, and make my menu traversing experience easier (and without as many questions for sometimes confused servers).

Here's the one pic of the veggie, lentil soup we ordered, and unfortunately I forget what my husband ordered, but I ordered a HUGE plate that was one LARGE Vegan Dosa. I passed the plate around to everyone to get a bite because it was MUCH larger than I had expected, and was so yummy. Here's the only pic I took of our food the spicy soup (because we were too eager to eat everything else!).

I highly recommend this place, though it is a bit on the pricier side. Read more reviews here.

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