Monday, February 22, 2010

Travel: New Orleans Lunch

So many people were curious to see what as vegans, my husband and I would eat during our time in New Orleans. We were lucky enough to stay in a house with some very accommodating hosts, but the time that we were out and about in the city was also (perhaps) surprisingly easy to cater to our dietary restrictions.

Before we entered the city I referred to the trusty Happy Cow website to view a list of veg-friendly places.

We spent one entire day walking around the French Quarter and started out with soy lattes at a cute coffee shop off of Decatur called En Vie. These days its pretty easy to find soy milk at just about any coffee shop, which makes it super easy for lattes and cappuccino fixes.

For Lunch we already had our hearts and tastebuds set on Bennachin, the African restaurant on Royal street (listed on Happy Cow), and we were SO happy that we ate there! Look at our plates, yummm!

I forget what exactly we ordered, but both were off of the vegetarian section of the menu, and completely made vegan. We shared a spicy vegetable soup, and shared a plate of Black-Eyed-Peas, with fried Plantains and Rice, and also a plate of spicy Rice and Veggies with Spinach. We both drank AMAZING ginger drinks, that were super spicy and helped recharge my system (I was battling a cold, and it soothed my belly and throat). We were definitely well fed, and if we ever go back to NOLA, we will definitely eat there again.

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