Monday, February 8, 2010

Events: Puppy Bowl VI

I've never been a big sports fan, but the last six years I've looked forward to super bowl sunday for one reason, and one reason alone. THE PUPPY BOWL!!! Hours upon hours of puppies playing in a mini football stadium.

Last night I gathered with a couple of girl friends around a couple bowls of vegan snacks (herb-flavored pita chips, tortilla chips, bean dip and tuffutti sour cream dip, and some girl scout cookies- thanks-a-lot, daisy go rounds, and the lemon ones are all vegan- though still junk food) with cheap mixed drinks and a complete PUPPY OVERLOAD. This year they had bunny cheerleaders, a hamster blimp for aerial views, and of course the kitten half time show. All the pups and kittens are shelter animals up for adoption and I'm sure after the puppy bowl all of them find forever homes.

Oh right, and GO SAINTS! I'll always cheer for the underdogs :)

and if you didn't get enough from those videos, here's another link with the hammies cam up above too


  1. I definitely watched this last night after the game and got a big kick out of the fact that one of the puppies was named Tipsy. so cute!

  2. I watched this at Chenoh's with Sara O last night! SO CUTE!!! :)