Monday, February 22, 2010

Travel: Road Trip Provisions

Two vegans, driving in a car, through the deep south, for 40 hours... they have to eat something on the road, right?

How did we do it? On the way to Florida (our nonstop 20 hour drive there) we packed a hefty reusable grocery bag with plenty of snacks. We're also money (and time) savers, so we tried to bring as much of our own stuff as possible (caffeine included).
  • Apples & Tangerines
  • Mixed Nuts
  • PB & Jelly Sammies
  • 2 Tupperwares of leftover Spaghetti from the night before
  • 1 box of Chai Tea, and 1 box of unsweetened Soy Milk (to mix in our thermoses)
  • 1 Tupperware of "Texas Caviar" mixed bean salad (from Costco).
  • 1 large bottle of water (in a reusable steel bottle)
  • 1/2 bag of dark chocolate chips!
  • green tea
  • organic baby carrots.
  • cucumber (i love it!)

 Those goodies kept us well fed, and fueled for our cross-country roadtrip and then some. On the way home we luckily broke up the long drive with a two-night stay in New Orleans to site-see and reconnect with an old buddy from my childhood. One that first leg back we had:
  • More mixed nuts
  • 1 Tupperware of Jason's homemade salsa we brought with us (too spicy for his fam!)
  • 1 bag of organic blue corn chips
  • 1 bag of fresh Florida citrus
  • the rest of what we still hadn't eaten (some apples, choco chips, and tangerines).
  • the rest of the chai/soy milk from our original boxes.
Since we weren't coming from our own house and pantries, we did have to stop into a gas station or two for a few more snacks... those were:
  • mixed nuts, sunflower seeds (shelled)
  • one truck stop that had (vegan) french fries.
  • bottles of smart water.
  • filled our thermos with hot water and made a large batch of strong loose pearl green tea!
  • and though we didn't buy them, gas stations also tend to carry luna bars, and cliff bars (both vegan- all flavors).


  1. I love road trips! Great snack ideas:)

  2. Thanks Lisa, we had so much fun!