Monday, February 22, 2010

Travel: Southern Hospitality, NOLA

One of the most pleasant parts of my husband and my recent road trip through the South, was our two-night stay in New Orleans. We stayed with an old friend of mine from my hometown (we met in PreSchool, and graduated High School together, as many small towns boast this incredible social history with locals). Rose and her husband were incredibly generous, and we had lots of fun with their five-year old boy Luke too! What was beyond our expectations was the amazing homemade vegan food!

After 10 hours of driving out of Florida to reach them (our half-way mark from FL to TX), Rose had a delicious pot of her infamous, "Beans n' Greens" soup hot on the oven for us, with thick slices of bread (wrapped in a warm towel), earth balance butter, and vegan "bacon" bits. She used white beans, and turnip greens, and it was absolutely amazing. We also drank Abitas, the LA local brew, and it was extremely lovely after such a long day on the road.

After we ate these yummy warm bowls, she also served all of us pineapple coconut sorbets (that they usually eat, and just so happen to be vegan!). YUM! Of course, the next night we took them out to a fancy Indian dinner for our appreciatation (look for details in another post).

To top off the southern hospitality, the morning before we drove out the rest of the way back home to Austin, Rose served us a slice of her HOMEMADE vegan apple pie (her tried and true recipe from her mother is naturally vegan!) that she baked while we were there. She even made me a soy latte to help me rev up for my first leg of the drive home!

We were definitely treated like guests of honor, and were absolutely spoiled rotten. We love the Sevin Family! Luckily my husband Jason was able to earn our luxurious keep by helping Rose's husband Ronnie troubleshoot some of his computer problems, and retrieved some of his "lost" files (I love having a techy hubby!). All in all, a great visit, and so fun to reconnect with old friends who may not be vegan, but sure know how to accommodate us vegheads!

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