Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Health: Vegan Mothers, Babies, Children

My husband and I are doing our research in preparations to start expanding our human family. As a vegan I have come across the following resources showing the health benefits of vegan babies, children and pregnant mommies through the VRA! forum, and my own internet researching.

It looks like the most important vitamins that mommys to be should be sure to get enough of are B12, and folic acid... I found this multi for vegans:

We are also looking into having a natural, at home, water-birth, if when we get pregnant I am not in risk of any complications. Water birth is growing in popularity and more suited for the comfort of the mother and baby, putting them in a warm, relaxing bath that soothes muscles and the body while relieving tension and stresses that make childbirth more painful and a longer process. 

Water birth resources here: 

Here's a video that I find incredibly beautiful and inspiring 
(though perhaps graphic, so you are warned):

We're getting excited with our potential prospects for a baby in the coming year or two! Look at all these cuties!

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