Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dining: Pizza Party

We were really excited yesterday to see a plain, vegan, daiya "cheese" take-and-bake pizza at Whole Foods, so we bought one! I added our own toppings and it was incredibly delicious. It was my first time trying Daiya's cheese, and I can definitely say that after all the fuss I'd been hearing about it, Daiya lived up to the hype. Whole foods Austin doesn't sell this cheese (yet...?) but you can order it here:
UPDATE: My husband also found that they sell it at Wheatsville Co Op, though its back-ordered at the moment...


Added Parsley Flakes, Cayanne Pepper, and fresh ground pepper...

Pre-oven, added fresh tomatoes, pineapple, fresh chopped garlic, and vegan Parmesan "cheese". Then on Jason's half (left) Mushrooms and Fresh Jalapenos. On my side (right) I added sliced black and kalamata olives.

Cheese Melted! Was stretchy, creamy, and so unbelievably delicious.


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Wow, looks great - I'm so excited! There aren't any cashews in Daiya and in fact one of the things I really like about Daiya is that it is free of all common allergens including soy. I don't know how they do it but I'm sure glad they do!

  2. OH thank you! I stand corrected... even better! I thought I heard it was cashew based, but turns out on the daiya site it is:

    water, tapioca and/or arrowroot flours, non GMO canola and/or non GMO safflower oils, coconut oil, pea protein (!? awesome!), salt, inactive yeast, vegetable glycerin, vegan flavors (derived from plants), xanthan gum, vegan bacterial cultures, citric acid (for flavor), natural color.

  3. That pizza looks delicious. I will definitely have to try daiya when it becomes more available. I would love some recommendations for food in Mendocino Town, thanks! We are leaving tomorrow so no worries if I am not giving enough notice, I've been so busy:)

  4. Anonymous10:04 PM

    This pizza looks all this info
    on your site! So many healthy choices to live by!! THANKS Tyler...the Dk. Choc Chips..yum ...and the vegan ice cream...the best ever. I just got some date sugar too....such a great choice for the sweets.

  5. Deeeelicious pizza with the best toppings! I love your blog Tyler...filled with tons of information on everything! so interesting, educational, are amazing! thanks for sharing with us all.....

  6. Lisa! Hey I didnt get this in time, but I hope you had a great visit in my little nook of a hometown. The drive through the redwoods is always a magical adventure to get there, isn't it!? (that is if you don't get too car sick haha).

    If you ever go back, I would recommend, THE RAVENS for fancy dining (its at The Stanford Inn, at the base of Comptche Ukiah Road), and I would also suggest Cafe One breakfast/lunch which is a bit north of Mendo, in Fort Bragg right off of Highway off at the end of town (before you hit Denny's and the Pudding Creek Bridge).

    In any case I'm sure it was a lovely stay, since I've been living in Texas I miss the Ocean so much!!!

  7. Sandy! thanks for your comment, next time I'm home I'll have to make a pizza for y'all with this special "cheese!" its so tasty, I bet even my dad would like it! :)