Thursday, March 25, 2010

Events: SXSW 2010

This year I was able to join the masses in enjoying the SXSW festivities that my city has to offer (AKA not having to work a 9-5 the whole time like last year). There was a lot of great music, so many great people- many of which traveled far and wide to stay with us, and yes lots of great vegan action.

Brooklyn Vegan took over a few daytime showcases that were free to the public, and offered "Free" vegan snacks, tacos (went fast! we didn't get any), vice creamv (yum!) cupcakes, and other treats like the most amazing espresso-chocolate truffles I've ever had.

Though these events advertised their vegan treats as "FREE" the people behind the tables tended to refer to the goodies as being on "Sale" which was extremely confusing, but I'm always down to give to a cause a believe in, so I chipped into their tip jars regardless. In anycase, I was very excited to see a lot of the vegan action going on around Austin, and I had a brilliant week! Sorry I haven't been posting, as you can see I've been busy :)

Though I'm not the biggest fan of Peta, I was stoked to see this chick walking around, gaining some Austin, TX awareness