Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recipes: Banana Bread Thursday

For some reason my husband and I can never finish eating a bunch of bananas before they start to turn brown, and since I'm not one to waste any food... I always throw the blackened ones in the freezer. My best friend's mom growing up did this, and I didn't realize why until I ate a slice of her banana bread, "Save them up in the Freezer so they don't go bad, because the blacker, more ripe the bananas, the better."

Here's my first attempt at Banana bread, recipe found HERE:

And since I don't have a bread-pan to pour the batter into, I've made Bananabread Muffins (with left-over Halloween cupcake wrappers). Bake time was 25 minutes. I also substituted Almond Slivers for the Walnuts, b/c it was what I had. YUM! They turned out SO GOOD!

Dry Ingredients:

Wet Ingredients (remember to thaw bananas first):
Stir Together, Add Nuts:

Pour & Bake: