Monday, April 19, 2010

Dining: Fete Accompli goes Vegan for Earth Day (and Every Monday)!

Today my boss took me out to lunch for a special pre-Earth Day treat @ Fete Accompli. In spirit of being green for Earth Day (this coming Thursday) everything on Fete's menu was completely VEGAN for a day! It was absolutely delicious. ALL of it. Here's some pics:

I got a 1/4 lb of the whole-wheat pasta with peanut sauce, a cup of the lentil soup and 2 of the vegan peanut butter-chocolate truffles... My boss got the 4-salad sample plate, with black quinoa salad, spinach salad, a potato dish and hummus (the plate also came with a cookie- she got an oatmeal raisin one). And because it was an extra long monday, she also splurged and got us some YUMMY chocolate dessert bars (with nuts and gram crackers, so tasty).


 As Copied from's Feature of the month:  

Visit HERE.

Fête Accompli
917 W 12th St
Austin, Texas

"We’re  excited to announce that after working with Compassion Over Killing and,  Fête Accompli, a newly-opened restaurant in downtown Austin,  is celebrating Earth Day by going 100% vegan on Mon., April 19!

That’s right: on April 19, Fête Accompli’s already vegan-friendly menu will be entirely meat-, egg-, and dairy-free. Featured menu items will include Fête’s scrumptious peanut butter truffles and a delightful Thai peanut salad, along with a variety of other animal-friendly soups, salads, sandwiches, entrées, and desserts!

So join us for lunch or dinner at Fête Accompli (open from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.) on April 19 to help protect the planet and animals—and don’t forget to tell them that sent you!"

This Event was also featured in VEGNEWS.COM, Go VegAustin!!! 

****UPDATE: Due to the success of this event, Fete Accompli now offers an all-vegan menu EVERY MONDAY! Support their efforts and awareness of an incredible and scrumptious cause to reduce our global impact. Meatless (vegan) Mondays!