Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recipes: Healthier Alternative to Ramen

Nissin's Oriental Flavored Top Ramen is vegan, (though NONE of mauchen's flavors are). Though its cheap, its far from being healthy. If you want some ramen, but want something healthier, here's the alternative I go for that takes the same amount of minimal effort to prepare.

All you need: A box of Soba, Buckwheat Noodles (or Asian noodle of choice). Vegan bouillon cubes. Optional: parsley, bragg's, hot sauce, garlic, frozen veggies.

Cook the noodles according to the box, the box pictured says it makes 6 servings (which is 4 servings in my household).  I used half a box and added two cubes when I made enough for me and my husband. Though I didn't do it for this lunch, sometimes I'll add frozen broccoli or veggies into the boiling, cooking noodles. All you need is an all-nighter writing an essay, and some cheap beer to wash it all down and it will feel like college all over again. Enjoy.