Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Style: Staying Cool

I love the warm weather that Texas brings us, but staying cool, and protected in the hot sun is important. My favorite vegan-friendly sunscreens and body products are ALBA, sold at most health-food groceries, or you can purchase online.

One of my favorite things to do with my empty dry-oil spray bottles is to use them as a refreshing body-mister.  

All you need: 
Spray Bottle (I like the wide mist of this bottle in particular)
Filtered water
Peppermint oil
A drop of alcohol
(Other added essential oils of your fragrance preference if you like)

Directions: After rinsing out the empty alba bottle (and spraying water through the nozzle to be sure you clean out all the oil first), fill with cold filtered water almost to the top. Add several drops of Peppermint essential oil and a drop of alcohol (i use rubbing alcohol), then shake vigorously. Done.

Store in the fridge for added chill, and when it gets hot just grab your peppermint mist and spray the back of your neck, chest, back of knees, and body for a refreshing mist that continues to feel cooling on your skin even after it dries. I also like to spray on my feet, and between my toes, it really helps me stay feeling cool and refreshed in triple digit summers.

Optional: if you aren't a fan of smelling like candy canes in summer, you can add other essential oils into the mix of your liking (sandalwood, vanilla, lavender, or many others- experiment), so it can double as a light, eco-and vegan-friendly perfume.