Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recipes: Summertime Vegan Burgers

Summer time means BBQ... not just to carnis, but to veggies too... Each year there are more and more pre-made veggie burgers out there that are mighty tasty. Just be sure to stick to the organic brands to avoid ingesting nuerotoxins... article about that HERE. We used organic Boca.

First start the home-fries... pre heat oven to 450, wash and cut potatoes into wedges... and drizzle with EVOO, salt/pepper/parsley/whatever spices you like. Adding diced garlic is also super good. Pop them in and set timer to 25 minutes...

Let the frozen patties defrost while you prep the veggies...

Then sautee patties with onion rounds... flipping occasionally to be sure both sides get nice and brown. Test the potatoes after timer goes off, if not done stir and set for 10 more minutes... once potatoes are done, toast the bread and mix up some hot sauce with your dipping ketchup. Bon Apetite.

Don't forget, cooking is a lot more fun with a big glass of vegan wine :)