Thursday, June 17, 2010

Health: How to Cure the Summer Cold

With the Texas heat, it was hard to live on a diet of hot tea and soup while fighting my cold/flu symptoms. I didn't have an appetite but since I wanted to be sure to give my body all the healthy nutrients and vitamins it needed to heal quickly I forced down these good for you meals...

Fresh, Organic Spinach Salad with Spinach, Kumquats, Sugar Snap Peas, Almonds.
Dressing: Fresh Lemon Juice, Fresh, Raw, Pressed Garlic, Flax Oil, and Vinegar.

Also, on hot days when you're sick, there's nothing better than some hot wasabi to cool you down and flush out your congested system. Veggie rolls from Whole Foods.

To Drink in the 95-100 degree heat, rather than hot cups of throat coat, and gypsy cold care tea (two of my favorites- available at health food stores), I drank extra-spicy Ginger Ale, organic orange juice, and lots and lots and lots of water to flush my system.