Monday, July 26, 2010

Dining: Kerby Lane

I've been meaning to visit Kerby Lane for two years now, and finally in all my time living in Austin finally made it to the local diner that boasts vegan-friendly diner food, 24 hours.

Unfortunately the Vegan Breakfast Platter is no longer offered (a plate with vegan pancakes, vegan tofu scramble and soysause), they still have a daily pancake special (one vegan one nonvegan), and several menu options that are vegan-friendly (soup special daily, potatoes-hash browns, home fries etc, desserts etc). I'm not sure if the vegan platter has just been off'ed at the one we went to (NorthWest Location) or if all Five Locations no longer serve it... I'll have to ask next time I go.

I ordered a plate of hummus and tabbouleh, which for a diner was actually pretty decent. The fresh OJ was super good, and their coffees are all fair-trade. My plate:

Here's a photo of the vegan dessert on the dessert Menu, Mocha Tofu Cheesecake...

 So in conclusion, its definitely a vegan-friendly diner, the food was decent (its a diner), and I will definitely be heading back there to try their pancakes, late night desserts, and whatever else that's vegan friendly on their menu.