Thursday, August 19, 2010

Articles: Bolivia Bans All Circus Animals

Another victory for animals! Thank you South America, let's hope your fight for animal rights are cross-continentally contagious.

And on the local front, last night, here in Austin, TX... the animal rights' and vegan community stood up against Ringling Bros (click link for KXAN article). A peaceful protest commenced outside of the Erwin Center where the Circus is held. 120 people were there to protest the animal abuse circus animals are subjected to, for ticket sales and "entertainment". I love my Austin cohorts, and though I wasn't able to join the ranks, I am a lifelong circus-boycott-er, and hope for a future when people realize that tormenting animals isn't entertainment. 

all images from KXAN Austin, TX news article linked above, and again HERE.