Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tools: Handblender and Pyrex set

Today my husband and I went to Costco, which basically means hundreds of dollars later we have a pantry stocked with bulk soy milk, black beans, tomato paste, whole wheat pasta and all the staple foods that we use almost on a daily basis. Costco really has come a long way, now carrying many organic and fair trade items.

Today we brought back my favorite kitchen tool, the hand blender. I had an unfortunate malfunction during a rather ambitious smoothie-making craze, and burned out our old one's motor. We chipped in and went for the step up, which is all stainless steel, and comes with a whisk and chopping attachments, and a cool thing that's suppose to make guacamole really quickly (I usually just use a wooden spoon).

I'm really excited to make a batch of my vegan chocolate mousse, but also looking forward to making a few of the recipes that came with the blender (vegan mayo, frosting, white bean dip, salad dressing, and several others...).

Secondly, its been a long time coming, and we now finally own a full set of pyrex cooking glass, with rubber covers.  Instead of wrapping our thrift- casserole dishes with aluminum foil, then transferring to tupperwares the next morning (yeah I'm lazy after dinner), we can just pop on one of these tops and store. Brilliant. Loving these.