Friday, November 26, 2010

Holidays: Thanksgiving Potluck 2010

while everything finished baking, setting up the seating
 italian sodas, silk and rice nog, ready to start the feast!
 vegan cookbooks and fresh berries for dessert garnish:
 my plate, and vegan pinot noir. (baked mac and cheese casserole, roasted brussel sprouts and garlic, asparagas, stuffing, candied yams, tofurky, cucumber salad, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy)
 My first tofurky was a hit! It was much better than the horror stories I heard and was anticipating. I didn't thaw out the night before, so I baked for 3.5 hours, in a covered caserole dish with baste (made from the box's recipe) with fresh, diced veggies... garlic, onions, jalapenos, carrots, and celery). YUM! The only dish that had NO left-overs... I'll definitely be making one of these again...

 the line-up, mashed potatoes and two kinds of homemade cranberry sauce and relish
 my first tofurky (it turned out really great!), salad, and homemade salsa
 loading up our plates:
 shitake gravy, roasted brussels and asparagus, canadied yams, baked mac & daiya cheese caserole
 first wave of guests at the dinner table:
 live fruit/nut pie, pumpkin pie (by butter and sugar blogger Jody)

 Dessert Table. Soy and rice creams, soy whip cream, pumpkin pie, raw fruit/nut pie, chocolate mousse and berries:
 dessert variety, chocolate mousse, vegan whip cream, pumpkin pie, live fruit/nut pie, vegan vanilla fudge swirl icecream and brandy and silk nog
Such a wonderful, cruelty-free feast this year, shared with great friends and my family. So much to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to practice gratitude, and appreciate daily...
(links to basic recipes I started with, and modified to my own tastes, preferences)