Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tools: Breadmaker

I know that its cheating, but this year for Christmas my husband got me a BREAD MAKER! I love breads of all kinds, and have always wanted to be able to make my own, but was intimidated by the whole process (kneading, letting rise, kneading, letting rise, punching, letting rise, baking etc etc).

My first batch of bread, whole wheat & oat flour came out beautifully. I'm so looking forward to branching out and doing some experimenting... this machine also has the capability to make jams... more to come!

will post recipe soon

Holidays: Christmas 2010

I apologize for the lack of posting lately, my husband and I just moved into our first new (old) home! We were told that the original stove/oven from the mid '60s didn't work, so we had been eating a lot of take-out, and burritos, but my husband requested his favorite for Christmas- baked Mac UN' Cheese... and viola, turns out the oven ACTUALLY DOES WORK!

Merry Christmas to Us!