Saturday, June 25, 2011

Animals: Volunteer at Austin Pets Alive! Attend Fundraiser 6.25.11

I always put whatever extra money I have in my wallet into the Austin Pets Alive! collection jars when I pass them on South Congress, or see them on the front desk of a local business. I had never volunteered with them, until my cousin came out to visit me for her Spring Break (she's a sophomore in high school). Volunteering was such a rewarding experience, we helped bathe puppies before heading out to their adoption days, put water in several kennels, and scooped poop (the less glamorous task, but it makes such a difference to all those pups).

APA! is entirely run almost exclusively by volunteers, its a non-profit organization that is dedicated to saving as many animal lives in Austin as possible (read about them here). Thanks to their efforts, Austin passed a no-kill city bill in 2010, and the animals being euthanized has gone down from 45% in 2008, to 11% today in 2011, while they are continuing their efforts. I love this organization and will definitely take a few morning hours out of my usual routine to volunteer with them again. Here's how to volunteer. Get involved!

Tonight there will also be a fundraiser, at the Uptown, watch this video and make your $30 donation to enter, to see three bands, have complimentary wine and beer, and eat complimentary food. There will also be a silent auction: