Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Brining Vegan Back...

And you mofos don't know how to act. Here's a bunch of photos to share what I've been up to while I've been away. Gentlefolk, rev your engines... its food and cute overload time! vrrrrrrrrrrooom.

 More new home-cooked recipes and ordering out tips to come...

my hands have been full with this new edition, Holden is 7 months old and already bigger than our 85lbs Husky/Shepherd mix. And he's still growing. Just graduating his first basic obedience class (now knows 23 commands, and still as goofy as ever).

our kitties are getting used to the new (huge) puppy, and team up to prove they are smarter and rule more than the canines of the household (Molly- the black cat is naturally, the alpha of the house).

Moving into our new house, we have found all kinds of garden treasures. I'm learning how to have a better green thumb, and yes that is a pomegranate tree (we didn't know we had them when we bought the house. We're excited to try them).

I've been spending time with some culinary artists, jody of butter and sugar, and laine of laine hardy

So get ready for donuts that are bigger than my head, favorite new places to eat in Austin, and how to work a menu when it doesn't seem like there are any vegan options listed. Also I'm sure there will be lots of lots of cute animal family pics. Stay tuned.