Friday, July 15, 2011

Fashion: Shopping in Austin, Filin.

Ladies, if you like beautiful treasures (check out my new power stone crystal necklace and feminine metal spike below)... head over to Filin. This new boutique has been open for 2 weeks, and tonight was the Grand Opening.

  • 1 512.441.3700Work

  • 2110 South Lamar Unit E
  • Austin, TX 78704


The owner, Emily Antonetti-Elford is a close friend who I worked with years ago at Pink Salon on South Congress (A salon that offered astrology and tarot readings, local-handmade mica mineral makeup, pretty dresses by local designers and much more than just hair stuff).

Emily has put together and hosted various clothing swaps for/with all her fashionable girlfriends (i feel lucky enough to be considered a part of this circle). There is no better way to recycle (and save money) than to trade clothes and make a party of it! Emily also has her own clothing label, V.V. Lutz that her and her sister Megan own/run (I've done some modeling for them in the past shown below).

One thing is for sure, for as long as I've known her (for as long as I've lived in Austin) Emily's always had style. Her new shop, Filin, in the '04 on South Lamar is for lack of better words, "So Emily." Everything she has in there is beautiful, stylish and interesting, just like her. Tonight I picked up these treasures, and am looking forward to shopping for clothes during my next visit. Support local businesses, and treat yourself to pretty things. Win/win.