Friday, December 23, 2011

Naughty or Nice Winter Treat

Though the ten months of the year in Texas, I tend to forget that it can actually get cold here in Austin. The best cure for frozen fingertips and toes is a nice homemade cup of hot chocolate with a nip (or two) of whiskey.

I've been loving my mexican hot chocolate with soy milk and a shot of whiskey. Nothing like this winter treat to warm you to the bones and scoop away all your chilly chills.

I veganize this Rachel Ray recipe: soy milk instead of whole, and use agave instead of sugar, and go a little lighter on the chocolate chips, but you can mix according to your own taste. Of course, also add a nip of something naughty. Also good, a shot of malibu or peppermint schnapps (thanks for those suggestions Jody!) Delish!

Add a little bit of soy whipped topping and you are ready to call it christmas.

Cinnaholic - Reliving the Summer

Its taken me ages to go through all the summer photos, but when the backyard thermometer hits the 30s its nice to browse through all my adventures during those warm summer months.

This was my trip back home to California in July. I had heard about Cinnaholic when it was first opening in Berkeley and had dreamed of walking through those doors and being hit like a ton of bricks with endless options for vegan decadence. Finally that day came, and it was heavenly.

As I waited to meet up with my CA friend, Sara, and my sister Marci who was driving up from LA to hang with me fresh out of Texas. I had lots to look at in their menuSince there was just too much to choose from, I ended up getting four mini buns all with different frostings and toppings. I loved just about every bite, though after the root beer float frosting with cookie dough toppings, I had reached my sweet limit and couldn't quite finish. So good though! I want them to open shop in Austin!

I ordered, Maple frosting with hazelnuts, Butterscotch frosting with pecans, lemon frosting with raspberries, and the kiss of sugary death, root beer frosting with chocolate chip cookie dough! ahhh the insanity!

My buddy Sara ordered one regular-sized cinnamon role and frosted each side differently, maple on half, and root beer on the other.
My favorites were the lemon and raspberry, and the maple and pecan. I am looking forward to the next time I'm out this way to indulge some more. I was also informed, that they DO SHIP! I might just have to break down and order some for my birthday coming up next month in January. Seriously. Out of this world.

We were happy, sugared out vegans!

Until we meet again, I will miss you Cinnaholic! You had the best staff working, and your selection is made from the dream of vegan dreams covered in cinnamon magic.

Daily Juice Cafe and Sweet Ritual

Two Hyde Park favorites all under one roof!

After a late night of watching Die Hard and drinking too much christmas peppermint schnapps and vegan hot chocolate, the only cure is a hearty, raw vegan lunch with my love at Daily Juice Cafe. We ordered two prototype smoothies (my favorite), the rawkin tacos (for two) and mock tuna boats (for two). Ah-maze-ing. We also had a small side dish of their homemade hot sauce which was pretty good (though could have been spicier - we are hard to please when it comes to heat). Truly, some mazin' eats.

My first bite at Sweet Ritual. They opened just last week. I ordered their Vegan Vanilla soft serve with homemade vegan butterscotch sauce. So freakin good in winter, I can imagine how this will really hit the spot come summer time. Check them out!