Friday, December 23, 2011

Daily Juice Cafe and Sweet Ritual

Two Hyde Park favorites all under one roof!

After a late night of watching Die Hard and drinking too much christmas peppermint schnapps and vegan hot chocolate, the only cure is a hearty, raw vegan lunch with my love at Daily Juice Cafe. We ordered two prototype smoothies (my favorite), the rawkin tacos (for two) and mock tuna boats (for two). Ah-maze-ing. We also had a small side dish of their homemade hot sauce which was pretty good (though could have been spicier - we are hard to please when it comes to heat). Truly, some mazin' eats.

My first bite at Sweet Ritual. They opened just last week. I ordered their Vegan Vanilla soft serve with homemade vegan butterscotch sauce. So freakin good in winter, I can imagine how this will really hit the spot come summer time. Check them out!