Friday, December 23, 2011

Naughty or Nice Winter Treat

Though the ten months of the year in Texas, I tend to forget that it can actually get cold here in Austin. The best cure for frozen fingertips and toes is a nice homemade cup of hot chocolate with a nip (or two) of whiskey.

I've been loving my mexican hot chocolate with soy milk and a shot of whiskey. Nothing like this winter treat to warm you to the bones and scoop away all your chilly chills.

I veganize this Rachel Ray recipe: soy milk instead of whole, and use agave instead of sugar, and go a little lighter on the chocolate chips, but you can mix according to your own taste. Of course, also add a nip of something naughty. Also good, a shot of malibu or peppermint schnapps (thanks for those suggestions Jody!) Delish!

Add a little bit of soy whipped topping and you are ready to call it christmas.