Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vegan Mama

I'm back! Life as a new mom has been an exciting adventure traversing and embracing sleeplessness and all the joys that come with creating a new perfect little human. My daughter is growing up so fast (almost 9 months now), and as she gains the abilities to be more and more mobile she is keeping me on my toes, but also able to explore her play areas and entertain herself with self-directed play for short periods of time. This means I am (hopefully) back to blogging! I have moved my computer out of the office and into her play area in preparation to write again (even if just in quick bursts of insights, inspirations, recipes, and journaling). I am excited to report on the challenges we face, the fun we have, and the friends we meet as we live through our vegan journey here in Austin, TX. More to come (apologies for any broken links or images as I redesign and get everything active again)!

Check out these awesome vegan baby toys a friend made for us!