Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thoughts: Animals Are Emotional Beings

I've seen a lot more animal awareness posts lately, in the news, on facebook, online etc... where people are recognizing that animals have feelings, experience joy/fear/love and other emotions- which I feel in part is a kind of progress - but at the same time, IS IT REALLY THAT SHOCKING THAT AN ELEPHANT CRIES UPON RESCUE AFTER SPENDING 5 DECADES IN CHAINS? 

Anyone who's pet a dog, or cat, knows that they prefer to be loved, and shown affection, just like any animal, rather than be beat, abused, chained up, or isolated. There's another video of a wild cat who kills a baboon, and then once realizing the baboon had a baby with her, protected the baby (until finally the baby died of exposure). Everyone is so shocked that animals have these traits, of being sensitive, pure-hearted, and not just emotionless, non-beings. Especially now, for me, as a mother, seeing another baby, of any species brings forth a sense of maternal instinct (and many fathers can agree). Humans really are the only cold-blooded killers, killing without reason, without remorse, without conscience, and when we see an animal display such compassion towards other animals or towards humans, we see them as wise. Why then with all our useless, and careless killing do we see ourselves as wise?

I generally don't watch any of these videos, or read any of the articles beyond their headlines, because there is usually too much violence, and brutality in them (even the ones with happy rescue endings) and I don't want to put those pictures in my head. For me, I don't need any more fuel to my vegan fire to know I'm making the choices I am with a purpose, and to continue to do so. I'm not against those videos, and articles, and media coverage, because I think that nonvegans who see them are exposed to open up their perspectives on the need for animal rights.

But seriously, why is it SO SHOCKING and UNBELIEVABLE that like us, animals feel pain, experience fear, express joy, and only want to live free, happy, loving lives?